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The acid-catalyzed reaction of acetic acid with ethanol, H CH,COOH+ OH CHCOOC.H, + Ha0 follows the rate law -d[CHCOOH]/dt= k[H"IICH;COOH]IC>HsOH] If [CH,COOHlo 1C2HsOHlo = 02 M. pH3 and f2 ca parent ra an t uate constant. o The following mechanism has been suggested 1or the reaction Laus. Aapp 01 n 2NO + Br2 2NOBr () NO + Brz NOBr ast) [Ans. Rate = k[NOFIBrall () NOBr> + NO 2NOBr (Slow) Determine the rate law consiStent with the mecnanism wiete tne constant K is equal to the product of two other onstants.
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  • Imdadul haque
    16 aa gya
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  • Imdadul haque
    sir 15 kar dijiia
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    Priyanshu kumar
    for 15 solve
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    Both 15 and 16?
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    Imdadul haque
    Yes Sir
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