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June 29, 2020 3:43 pmpts 40 pts
The boron adduct(s), which show(s) three signals in 1H NMR spectrum with the intensity ratio 1:2:3 is(are)
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  • Suman Kumar
    c & d will be the option
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  • Suman Kumar thankyou
    3 peak means 3 types of hydrogen is available. And intensity ratio gives the hint of no. of carbon.
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    Suman Kumar
    (C) H3B:N(CH2CH3)3 (D) (CH3CH2)3B:NH3
  • Priyanshu kumar
    hope it helps
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  • Priyanshu kumar thankyou
    With three signal or three intensity peak to obtained,there must be three different types of proton(hydrogen) be present. so if you have option please check which boron adduct poss...
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    Priyanshu kumar
    This ques comes in IIT JAM 2020 MSQ part per the question the ans is Option C and D as it contain three diff types of proton
  • Priyanshu kumar
    vicky can you provide option??
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