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The correct order of boiling points of compounds -iv is 5. (0) oh (1) o (iv) (ud) o oh (b) il> ill>i> iv (a) il>i> lll > iv (d) i> iv> ill > i1 (cy i> lll>iv> i

The correct order of boiling points of compounds -Iv is 5. (0) OH (1) o (IV) (UD) O OH (B) Il> Ill>I> IV (A) Il>I> lll > IV (D) I> IV> Ill > I1 (CY I> lll>IV> II Contact Us: Website Email: | Call Us : 98294895

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  • Suman Kumar

    option C is correct.


    As branching increases , boiling point decreases for alcohol.

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    Abhishek kumar singh Best Answer

    option C is correct here first , third and fourth molecules are alcohol and they have hydrogen bonding and the second molecule is ether and therefore there is no hydrogen bonding therefore the boiling point of 2nd will be least among first third and fourth the surface area of first is maximum and fourth is minimum therefore boiling point first will be maximum then 3rd and 4th option C is correct

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    Priyanshu kumar

    option C is correct With increases in branching boiling point decreases. Alcohols have higher boiling points than do ethers and alkanes of similar molar masses because the OH group allows alcohol molecules to engage in hydrogen bonding. So II has least boiling point. Ist has maximum boiling point as no branching is there and more surface area. 4th has less BP than 1st and 3rd as less carbon atom and branching so less surface area. so order of BP becomes I>III>IV>II


    imdadul please respond

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    Dinesh khalmaniya 1

    option C alcohol have more BP than ether due to H bonding so II has least BP. Now moe the Carbon atoms in carbon chain of alcohol, more is the BP. More the surface area, more is the BP


    got it?


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