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The diode shown in the circuit is a si diode.the potential difference between the points a and b will be

The diode shown in the circuit is a Si diode.The potential difference between the points A and B will be(Please explain your answer)

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  • Sachin best-answer

    This will be 6V because it is in reverse bias and it is totally blocking the flow of current. at point B you will see that 6 volt is coming from the positive terminal of the battery and at point A, it is connected to the neutral of the battery. a reverse bias is like an open circuit. then there will be no drop in any part of the circuit.


    sir answer is given as 6V but like you said diode is in reverse bias so act as open circuit in that part so no voltage drop across AB i.e Vab=0V should be answer but 6V is given as answer.


    please sir help me with this doubt


    whether 6V or 0V? which is right?


    Look at it from the point of view that you observe individual potential and their diff. when the circuit is open one point is connected to one end of the batttery and another point is connected to another end. there should be some loss in the resistor bt as there is no flow of current so no loss in that resistor. then the potential diff bw the ends of battery is 6 V so as the terminals A B.


    now think of it like this as diode is like infinite resistance and the other resistance is nothing in front of this infinite so effectively there is only one resistor in the curcuit and all potential of 6V drops across it


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