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The distance between any two joints any be described as a) slip cleavage b) crenulation cleavage c) fracture cleavage d) bedding facility

The distance between any two joints any be described as A) Slip cleavage B) Crenulation cleavage C) Fracture cleavage D) Bedding facility

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    Sajan sarthak Best Answer

    Bedding facility is the distance between two joints. More info:-fracture cleavage-A type of cleavage that occurs in deformed but only slightly metamorphosed rocks and that is based on closely spaced, parallel joints and fractures. Cenulation cleavage:-crenulation or crenulation cleavage is a fabric formed in metamorphic rocks such as phyllite, schist and some gneiss by two or more stress directions causing the formation of the superimposed foliations. Slip cleavage:-Cleavage that is superposed on slaty cleavage or schistosity, characterized by spaced cleavage with thin tabular bodies of rock between the cleavage planes. Also known as close-joints cleavage; crenulation cleavage; shear cleavage; strain-slip cleavage.


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