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The distance of a star from the Earth is 4.25 light years, as measured from the Earth. A space ship travels from Earth to the star ata constant velocity in 4.25 years, according to the clock on the ship. The speed of the space ship in units of the speed of light is, JEST 20151 (a) (b) 2 d) 2 (c)3
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  • Susobhan ghosh
    ok the other speed is the speed with respect to rocket Frame or the dilated frame so t=4.25/v where v is velocity of rocket that only na?
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    Anshum Sharma
    that v is the speed of spaceship from earth to star .... here we assume that the clock is placed on the spaceship so the time taken by the spaceship or clock is 4.25/v at constant ...
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  • Susobhan ghosh
    accha that means speed of rocket is at speed of light but that is not possible na?
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    Anshum Sharma
    That is not possible only fictional.... In space we only deal with speed of light the whole space is vaacuum where the speed is constant so the objects i.e moving we consider its s...
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  • Susobhan ghosh
    but proper time 4.25/c how
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    Anshum Sharma
    time = distance / speed so distance covered by the star is 4.25 lightyear with a speed of light i.e. t = 4.25/c
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    Here is the detailed solution option (b) is correct
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