Somnath Jana Asked a Question
August 20, 2020 9:29 pmpts 50 pts
the earth evolves around the sun .then who exerts the centripetal and centrifugal froce on earth?
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  • Mahak thankyou
    see attached centripetal force is exerted by sun on earth inwards and for centrifugal read the attached
    • cropped5424056300855539521.jpg
    • cropped2947657454898117435.jpg
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    what's ypy
  • Somnath Jana
    i am not able to understand this.please explain
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  • Somnath Jana
    this portion
    • cropped5936812123488592304.jpg
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  • Somnath Jana
    i am not able to understand
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  • Mahak
    they are talking about pseudo force here
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