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The enthalpy of formation of CO,(g), H,O() and propene are -393.5, -285.8 and 20.42 kJ/mol respectively. The enthalpy of isomerisation of cyclopropane to propene is -33 kJ/mol. Then which of the following is the enthalpy change for the combustion of cyclopropane at 298 K is ? (A) (C) 2. 2291 kJ mol- 2196 kJ mol- -2091 kJ mo-1 (B) (D) 2191 kJ mo-
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  • Eduncle thankyou

    Dear Keerthi,


    Refer the attached images for solution.

    Thank you for asking your query.

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  • Eduncle thankyou
    negative sign shows that energy is released
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  • Nayanika Misra Best Answer
    the one with the combustion of cyclopopane is option B
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  • Nayanika Misra
    the answer to the first question I.e the CaO one is -253.4 one ..
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