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The graph shows the x-displacement as a function of time for a particular object undergoing simple harmonic motion. :: -8-7-65-4-3-2-1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 t (S) this function can be described by the following formula: where tne graph determine the in amplitude A of the osciliation, seconds, u is measured in 1/s and IS measured in radians. 1.30 m You are correct. 2ourecelpt.no. is 152-963 revious Tries 3.60 Determine s the period T of the oscillation. You are correct our receipt no. is 152-9085 evious iries 1.75 1/se angular frequency w. orrect. You are s 152-5727 Previous Iies Determine the linear frequency f. 2.78x10Hz You are correct. YOur receipt no. is 152-5552 Previous Iries Determine the phase constant i.e. find the smallest positive value for p.
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    a)maximum displacement from mean position is 1.3 hence amplitude =1.30. b)T=3.60 c)angular frequency is 2*pie/T=1.75 d)linear frequency =1/T
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