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The grenp-v diagram rreprage -he herme dynamity cle o an engine, operrating co th a hermo fdeal mono otomi al.the amount of hta entractedrom he ounre in a tingl

The grenP-v diagram rreprage -he herme dynamity cle o an engine, operrating co th a hermo Fdeal mono Otomi al.The amount of hta entractedroM he ounre in a tingle Cyele 1 P.v a a) PoVo 7 aP e.v. d) 4P, Shot by Badal aV

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    Anshum Sharma Best Answer

    see this attachment... if you have any doubt .. tell me


    Yes I understood. thanks. I hv another doubt. what is the role of heat in AD & CD ?


    We have to find the heat extracted from the source. Now heat extracted from the source will be in AB and BC path. AB path is a constant volume heat addition process and BC is a constant pressure expansion process. CA is a constant volume heat rejection process. AD is a constant pressure contraction process. That is why we only take AB and BC for heat extraction.

  • Subrat

    but here the question is amount of heat extracted ... so what will be the answer ??

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    Anshum Sharma

    Here is the detailed solution option (b) is the correct


    but here the question is what amount of heat extracted ??


    Heat is extracted from the source means heat is given to the system (or gas) or Q is positive. This is positive only along the path ABC points considered at the corner of the diagram.


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