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43. The K and v of lactate dehydrogenase for max Conversion of pyruvate to lactate are 1 mM and 5 nM s-, respectively. At 0.25 mM pyruvate, the velocity of the reaction catalyzed by lactate dehydrogenase is... .nM s
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  • Yogita Basnal thankyou
    Solution is attached.
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  • Aparna Dash thankyou
    here it is
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    Astha pandey
    Thankew 💓 But why didn't we converted nanomolar into milimolar? of Vmax?
  • Aparna Dash
    You can calculate this by using this formula..... can you please say what is the answer given.. so that i can crosscheck mine..
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    Astha pandey
    Ansr is 1......Am also trying with the same formula but its not correct