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The minimum value of the base current I3 required to saturate the transistor shown in figure is given by (a) 0.2 mA (b) 10 mAA (c) 1.2 mA (d) 0.12 mA Q70. 12V PDc500 L'CELsar=0V 1.2k R m VIN 7TT7
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  • Shanu arora
    ans is 0.2mA ,this is minimum saturation current because if we increase base current ,it increases ic further ,which decreases Vc as Vc=Vcc-Ic*Rc and hence leading to more saturati...
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  • Dhairya sharma thankyou
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  • Ruby negi thankyou
    option a is correct.. for any query please ask.
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  • Abhishek singh Best Answer
    Option A is correct. Ve is zero as emitter is grounded. And then applying kvl will give the solution. Best regards.
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