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January 27, 2020 8:16 pmpts 15 pts
the molal freezing point constant for water is 1.86 k molality-1 therefore the freezing point 0.1M nacl solution in watee is expected to b
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  • Eduncle thankyou
    i= is the van't Hoff factor (number of ion particles per individual molecule of solute, e.g. i = 2 for NaCl, 
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  • Parul Gupta
    why 2 is multiplied??
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  • Parul Gupta
    sir but the formula is ∆tb= m× kb
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  • Eduncle
    Answer = freezing point of 0.1M NaCl is -0.372 degree Celsius. please refer the image for detailed solution
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    Parul Gupta
    thnqq so much
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