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The molar absorption coefficient of a compound in water at 532 nm is 2200 L mol cm". When light at that wavelength passes through an aqueous solute of this compound (kept in a 5 cm long cell), 50% of the light was absorbed. What is the concentration of the solution? (a) 2.7 x 10 M 6. (6) 4.5 x 10 M () M (d) Insufficient data. ----*----*-- ----. 117/M/112,M BLOCK, KAKADEO KANPUR NAGAR UTTAR PRADESH CONTACT NO. 7880546666, 7380546666 7. The reaction of nitric oxide with ozone takes place according to the following stoichionmetry. NO+0, NO, +0, The observed rate law for the reaction is found to be - -a[O,1{[NO]+PINO,1} dt Where a and ß are constant. To explain the above rate low, the following reaction scheme has been proposed: NO+0, NO, +0, NO, +0, NO, +0, NO+ NO, 2NO, Determine an expression for B. (a) A unique expression of B cannot be determined from the given information (b) k,/k, C) k,/k, (d) k,/k
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    Ques 6..option A is correct
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    Sir 7 Question ???
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