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The number of points at wnicn ne grapn oi z = TX, Y) = X- 2xy+ y has a horizontal tangent. A function f: R3 R 9iven by TOrmua T(X,Y,Z) F X* y+ z on set M = {{x,y,z) e R3 x+2 1, z < 1} then the max value of f is The value of a for which f is differentiable 4x if x<0, f(x=ax +bx + C if 00 If the function given by
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  • Subhankar dhara
    plz solve this
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  • Nivedhamanohar thankyou
    How to post the questions?
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    Satpal singh
    which questions?
  • Satpal singh
    see this
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  • Satpal singh
    see this at one point f has horizontal tangent
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