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IE the pitch of a linear structure on a bed of artinde N 30° E50° SE is 90°. then the plunge of the linear structure will be: B. 45 D 90 A 30 50 C. (PU-2011)
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  • Gurmeet singh
    mtlb how actually the slide past occuring
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  • Gurmeet singh
    ek bat or bta do sir.. please....yeh cross bedding me older younger kaise pta chlta hai
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    Rahul pandey
    tangential contact tells about the older side whereas truncating side tells about the younger side. In the given fold Diagram, you can see that cross bed is showing tangential cont...
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  • Rahul pandey thankyou
    Answer: 50° It is given that the pitch of the linear structure is 90°. If pitch of any linear structure is 90° then the plunge amount will be equal to the dip amount of the bed. T...
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  • Owishi Sarkar Best Answer
    The plunge should be 50° that is equal to dip amount as pitch of a linear structure is the angle made with strike line and plunge is the vertical angle made with horizontal plane b...
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