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The probability of finding a particle inside the classical limits for an oscillator in its normal state is (A) (C) 16 % 64 % (B) (D) 32 % 84 % TX
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  • Samveel ansari
    mam i had posted some more questions plz see all of them.........................some of teachers were given the answer but it was not satisfactory!!!
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    Vaishnavi rajora
    will catch them tomorrow
  • Samveel ansari
    mam thank you but these terms used in solution are not understanding to me😣😣
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    Vaishnavi rajora
    dear there is no solution. U have to mug up the wave fxn of harmonic oscillator. yes i can provide u it's derivation but it's toi much complicated to learn. so it's a suggestion if...
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    this is 1 - inside the region
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    Vaishnavi rajora
    so basically outside region is 16% and inside 84%
  • Vaishnavi rajora thankyou
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    Samveel ansari
    mam !!!!!explanation mam???????