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The quadratic polynomal passing through the pomts (Xo,. yo). (X1, Yi) and (32, Y) 1s given by (a) y= y +y2 o-*2)+Ya o)(*=*) 1 (Xo-xxo-xa) (-Xo)(*1-x2) G2-Xo)(¥2-x) V-)-*2) + y, -XoX=X)+ Y-XoX-*1) -x)(X-X2)+ y - (x2-Xo)T2*1) (-**=x2)Vr-*o)*=*2)v. ¥o)(*=*1) o (xo-*xg-x2) (1-xo)(X1-x2)*2-Xo)W2-*1) (x2xo¥2-*1) OA OB O c OD Equation e-1=0 is required to be solved using Newton's method with an initial guess xo- Then, after one step of Newton's method, estimate xi of the solution will be given by (a) .62828 6) 0.71828 () 0.51828 (d) 0.83528
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  • Piyush pachauri thankyou
    D ,B is correct answer.
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  • Deepak singh 1 thankyou
    in part a , option 4 is correct. its direct formula given..
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