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The reactions of |[PiCla with NHs (reaction ) and of |[PicCu with [NO:] followed by NHs (reaction ) are ways or picpa (a) I: trans-[PtCl;(NHs]; II: trans-[PtCL{NH3XNO;)] NH :iPCLNHNO. (d) I: trans[PICI;(NH;):]: II: cis-[PtClL(NH;XNO:)| 2. Which statement about the trans-cffect and the trans-intluence is corect? 1. The trans-influence is a ground-state effect, whereas the trans-cffect has a kinetic origin 2. The trans-cffect is a ground-state effect, whereas the trans-intluence has a kinetic orign 3. Both the trans-cffcct and trans-influence are ground-state cffccts 4. Rates of substitution are affected by the trans-effect but have nothing to do with the trans-influence of ligands . The usual form of the experimental rate law for substitution in square planar P() complexes contains Two terms: Rate-k1[PtL3X] + k2[PtL3X][Y] where PtLaX is the starting complex and Y is the entering group. The reason for the two-term law is that: (a) there are competitive associative and dissociative pathways (b) there are two competing dissociative pathways (C)the solvent enters in the rate-detemining step, and then two competing fast steps tollow (d) the solvent competes with Y in the rate-determining step 4. Which statement is incorrect about the mechanisms of electron transfer? (a) Electron transter may occur by an inner or outer-sphere mechanism depending on the system (6) Long range clcctron-transters such as in cytochromes are most likely to occur by outer-spheCre mechanisms (C) Marcus-Hush theory applies to inner-sphere mechanisms (d) In an inner-sphere mechanism, electron transter between two metal centres involves a bridging ligand 5. In an inner-sphere elcctron transfer reaction, which of the following ligands could not act as a bridging ligand (a) 1,10-phenanthroline 6) 4,4-bipyridine (c)pyrazine (d) bis(4-pyridy)methane
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    for question 1 option B is correct... application of trans effect
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