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The thermal decomposition of n,o, 0ccurs as: 2n,0, 4no, +0, experimental studies suggest that rate of decomposition of n,o, rate of formation of no, or rate of

The thermal decomposition of N,O, 0ccurs as: 2N,0, 4NO, +0, Experimental studies suggest that rate of decomposition of N,O, rate of formation of NO, or rate of formation of O, all becomes double if concentration of N,O, is doubled. 58 The container of2 litre contains 4 mole of N,O,. On heating to 100°C, N,O, undergoes complete dissociation to NO, and 0,. Select the correct answers if rate constant for decomposition of N,O, is 6.2 x 10 sec I. The mole ratio before and after dissociation is 4:2. 2. Half life of N,O, is 1117 see and it is independent of temperature. 3. Time required to complete 40% of reaction is 824 sec. 4. If volume of container is doubled, the rate of decomposition becomes half of the initial rate :(a) 1,3,4 (b) 1,2,3, 4 (C) 3,4 (d) 2,3,4

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