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ectvely quation 5.3 TRANSPORT NUMBER Chemist ee as The fraction of the total Current carried by anion or cation is known as transpot e number or Hittorf number may be denoted by sets of symbol like t, and t or From this definition, Current carried by cation t Total current Current carried by anion t= Total current ht line evidently t, +t = 1 As we know that the current flow in the solution is directly proportional t can say current is proportional to the mobility of ions Current oc mobility of ions ocu (velocity) So t. t + and t, +t =1 Transport number can be determined by Hittorf's method () (i) moving boundary method (ii) emt method and (iv) ionic mobility lonjc Mobility lonic mnhility is defined as the distance travelled by an ion per seco
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    Not so important...You can study for theory purposes and for university exams
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    Shweta thakur
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    only ionic mobility is important. these topics are theory based so no any important question from these topics
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