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June 18, 2020 • 3:20 pm

7 Most Important Things to Do Before CSIR NET 2020 Exam [Must Read]

Things to Do Before CSIR NET Exam


We all know that it's a natural thing to become stressed before the day of the exam. 

But you must try to be calm and just think that the examination is the only way to show your hard work through your results and by giving the exam you will understand your level of preparation and dedication to study.

Preparing certain things before an exam can help de-stress yourself and get ready with ease and peace of mind.

So, here we have shared some important points which you should know to be followed before appearing in the CSIR NET exam.



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Things to Do Before CSIR NET Exam

Review the Syllabus You’ve Studied

Check Out if any Important Topic is Left

Solve Test Series and Mock Test Papers

Master Shortcuts for Calculations

Try Not to be Panic

Do What Works for You

Collect All Essentials for CSIR NET Exam



CSIR NET 2020 – Things to Do Before the Exam


We have catered some tips here which help you to get over from the exam stress and will motivate you to give your best in the exam.



Review the Syllabus You’ve Studied


Count the time left for your exam and divide your syllabus accordingly for revision. On the day just before the exam. you should revise the topics which you have prepared. It is suggested to devote more time to the topics of higher weightage. You should not pick any new topic before the last day of the exam. It may lead you to become confused.



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Check Out if any Important Topic is Left


As the CSIR NET Syllabus is vast, so at the time of preparation you might miss some topics. Make sure that you have gone through the complete syllabus and check out the list of CSIR NET important topics.


If you have unfinished syllabus, then the study material of that syllabus can be divided into two parts: core and elaborative materials. Core material covers the formulas, important diagrams, theorems and principles. 80% part of the topic will be covered with the core material. While the elaborative part has the illustrations, examples etc.


So, focus on the core part and prepare that first.



Solve Test Series and Mock Test Papers


It is very essential to solve the CSIR NET Mock Test Papers, to evaluate your current performance, to motivate yourself, to make appropriate efforts, and to qualify the exam. By attempting the test series, you can increase your accuracy & speed of solving questions. Along with that, you can also get an idea about the questions that you need to attempt in the given time limit.



Master Shortcuts for Calculations


As we all know that, CSIR NET question paper will be time-consuming that require long calculations. To ensure that you can pass through different sections of the paper and complete your examination within the specified 3-hour period, you must have smart calculation tricks and shortcuts. Practice short tricks so that you could be well versed during your CSIR NET examination.



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Try Not to be Panic


Every aspirant experiences the exam stress but,  you must try to stay calm in all situations and avoid being panic as much as possible. Because if you get stressed out just before the exam, you may begin to forget all the important things you've prepared for the CSIR NET exam.



Do What Works for You


Everyone has their own preparation strategy. Some want to be on their own, some listen to motivational things, everyone does different things to relax themselves the day before the exam. You may be someone who wears their brightest pair of high heels for luck.


Do whatever that puts you in the best frame of the mind and you are perfectly set up to take the exam.



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Collect All Essentials for CSIR NET Exam


Along with the preparartion, you also need to take care of the things you need to carry to the exam hall.


Be sure to get all the things ready just a day before the exam.


Things that your need to bring at CSIR NET Examination are given below - 


Print out of online CSIR NET Admit Card

Photo Identity Proof

Black Ball Point Pen


Folks! Here we catered some points to reduce anxiety before the CSIR NET exam.


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