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process. 1or lnC InfevCrsidie The exact calculation of total entropy change (ASota) during an irreversible process, e.g., when heat ows from a body B at higher temperature (12) to a body A at lower temperature (1) when brought in contact with it may be carried out as follows: Suppose the heat lost by the body B is represented as qirrev The flow of heat may be allowed to take place infinitesimally slowly so that it is absorbed by the body A reversible and isothermally at T which may be represented as qrev The entropy change of the body B will also depend only on q.e Hence, / re Entropy change of body B = T Cu Entropy change of body A = 4rev odotatabie T (minus sign indicates decrease in entropy while positive sign indicates increase) AS, -rev T T rev rev total The combined system and the surroundings is sometimes called as an isolated system. "The results aei secs. 2.6 and 2.7 are thus for the isolated system. **Negative sign with w has hren n
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    An irreversible process, however, has lost some energy along the way. So here entropy change of the body B depend only on q rev.
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