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Carboxylic acid 1° Alcohol 3. Reduction of esters. Esters can be reduced to alcohols by the following methods (a) Bouveault-Blanc reduction. This method involves the reduction of esters to alcohols witlh sodinm in refluxing alcohol. Actually a mixture of two alcohols is obtained, one from the acyl group (RCH,OH) and other from the alkoxy (OR) group. For example, Na/C2H5OH R-C-OR RCH,OH +R'OHd goog Acyl part Alkoxy part Na/C2H5OH e.g CH,CH,CHc0Oc,H, CH,CH,CH,CH,OH + CHOHH Ethyl butyrate n-Butyl alcohol Ethyl alcohol Mechanism. This reduction is believed to occur in several steps involving transfer of one electron at a time and the alcohol acting as the proton donor to the intermediate radical anion thus formed as shown below Na Nat +e tols anocceabe ogid arofoole o ztaiog giiod orfh og otiod ) +H+ R-COR +e R-C-OR hol R-CH-OR' R-CHLOR 2ls oto 219o from alcohol -R'O O O O. Oor ot O JoM +H R-CH-0 R-CH-0:. +Ht R-CHR-Č H from alcohoR-CH,-OH ilio e 1° Alcohol from alcohol O O
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