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April 10, 2020 2:23 pmpts 30 pts
To verify that the light beam is either unpolarized or circularly polarızed one requires to use (A) a half wave plate and a polarizer (B) a quarter wave plate (C) a quarter wave plate and half wave plate (D) a quarter wave plate and a polarizer
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  • Ruby negi thankyou
    quarter wave plate, bcz on passing circularly polarised light through quarter wave , it changes to linearly polarised light but unpolarised light remain same on passing through it.
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  • Somnath Best Answer
    When a circularly polarized wave passes through a quarter wave plate it becomes linearly polarized and if a polarizer is kept with its axis perpendicular to polarization it will b...
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  • Abhishek singh thankyou
    a quarter wave plate and a polarizer. because half wave plate will convert the circularly polarized into plane polarized but it doesn't do anything with unpolarized light. now you ...
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