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Tormuuld 44.using the diagram below, determine which ot the aluminosilicate(al2sios) polymorphs is(are) stable at 400°c and 6 kbars pressure. alsio phase diagra

TOrmuUld 44.Using the diagram below, determine which oT the aluminosilicate(Al2SiOs) polymorphs is(are) stable at 400°C and 6 kbars pressure. AlSiO Phase Diagram Kyanite Silimanite 2 Andalus ite 200 400 600 800 1000 T °C

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    Saurabh 1

    It has to be Kyanite, as at such high pressure of 6kbar , kyanite would be stable only not other two polymorphs. You can have different polymorphic transformation in case of upliftment, in which the different physical condition prevailed and there is a decrease in pressure. So at this stage of upliftment , you can see transition from Kyanite to Andalusite or Kyanite to sillimanite (that surely attributed to changing physical conditions).


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