Tejas shewale Asked a Question
August 24, 2021 12:33 ampts 30 pts
Total no. of stereoisomers for this compound ...pleas answer.............
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  • Suman Kumar
    This molecule has a Plane of symmetry and the molecule is rigid as well. Therefore the bridge head stereogenic center can't alter there stereo chemistry so it have one stereo isome...
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  • Paramjeet verma Best Answer
    Yes, both the bridgehead carbons are chiral with opposite configurations. Actually we call these type of compounds 'meso compounds'.
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    Tejas shewale
    yes sir
  • Paramjeet verma
    This molecule has a plane of symmetry passing through carbon atom to which one H and one CH3 is attached and between the double bond. Therefore the molecule is achiral. No stereois...
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    Tejas shewale
    yes sir it's not chiral.. but it can show stereoisomerism not optical active but it have.. so how many chiral centre are present.. I confused about bridge head carbon is it chiral ...
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