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TOTEKeONTSW 1he decomposition of ozone to Oxygen, - 20,(g)- 30,(8) 0ccurs by the mechanism (0 M(g)+O,(g) ,0,(g) +O(g) + M(g). E, (0) O,(g)+ 0Og)+ M(g) Mg)+0,g). E (in) Og)+ 0,(e) 20,(8). E, where, M is the catalyst molecule Rare rate constants and E, is the activation energy for the elementary step. 117. Under the steady state approximation for the intermediates, the rate of decomposition of ozone, dfO, 1S dt 2kk,O,PIM] k,[Os ]IM]+ k,[0,| 2k,k,[0,[M (6).[O,1[M]-k,10,1 2k,k,[0,]IM ()k.[O,10M]+k,[0,] 2k,k,10,FIM] (Ok,[O ]IM]-k,[0,]
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