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Two coherent plane waves of light of equal amplitude and each of wavelength 10t x 10" m, 2T propagating at an angle of 40pn radian with respect to each other, fall almost normally on a screen. The fringe-width (in mm) on the screen is (A) (C) 54x 10 54 x 103 (B) (D) 0.054 0.54
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  • Abhishek singh
    in response to your reply.
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  • Abhishek singh thankyou
    Option B is correct. best regards.
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    Nafis ahmad
    plz explain me abt how it came D=d/theta..??? means when is such condition applied ....
  • Ruby negi thankyou
    solution ,this will help u
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  • Ruby negi Best Answer
    option b is correct
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