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Two different gases are kept in two isolated chambers. The partition between them is removed change in entropy of system is (Here P be pressure of mixture gas and P, and P, be the partial pressure of gas 1 and gas 2 respectively. n, and n, be number of moles of gas 1 and gas 2 respectively. x, and x is molar fraction of gas 1 and gas 2 respectively. V,V V,+V n+n2 nn, nR inP + n,In R (P (V,+V (A) n,R In nR In V (B) (V,+V V (D)-n,R In x, - nR In x R In nRV (C)
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  • Chandra dhawan thankyou
    option d is correct dear the key point of this:- entropy depends on the pressure of the system so p1 is as it is and after mixing, p changes correspondingly to gas like mole of...
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  • Nishant Singh
    option a
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