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Two free point charges t4Q and +Q are placed at a distance r. A third charge q is so placed that all the three are in equilibrium. (a) q is placed at a distance r from 4 (6) q is placed at a distance -r from 3 3 (C)q=2 9 40 (d) 4=- 9
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  • Nitin meel
    it's like conceptual question. As charge kept between both of these positive charges is independent of sign as it will be kept at the equilibrium position so options A and B ar...
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    Nitin meel
    you may also solve it but takes time
  • Chandra dhawan Best Answer
    see attachment dear its best explanations....if you don't understand then plzz ask
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  • Mahak thankyou
    option b is correct see attached
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  • Vibhuti
    can u tell me how to solve it
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    Nitin meel
    is my answer correct
  • Nitin meel
    is answer B option
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