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Two identical containers A and B are connected by a small tube with a valve that allows gas flow when the pressure difference across it is greater than 0.6 atm. Initially, A contains an idealgas at pressure 0.5 atm and B a vacuum with the entire system at 27°C. The system is now heated to a temperature of 207°C. What is the final pressure in B?. (a) 1 atm 9. [LISC 2012] (b) 0.7 atm (c) 0.4 atm (d) 0.1 atm One mole of a gas is contained in a closed vessel ofvolume 0.25L. It is assumed to obey vander Waas cquation of90 atm. As the pressure is increased to 100 atm at 30OK, its temperature rises to 325K.Calculate the value of vander Waals' constants a and b. (a) 1.6A 10. (b) 3.2 A (c) 16A (d) 32Å
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