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Two identical non-interacting particles each of mass m and spin 1/2, are placed in a one-dimensional box of length L. In quantum mechanies, the lowest possible value of the total energy of these two particles is Eq. If, instead, four such particles are introduced into a similar one-dimensional box of length 2L, then the lowest possible value of their total energy will be (a) 2E0 ITIFR 2011] Se/4ARECRO2AVOLo
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  • Chandra dhawan
    answer B is correct
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  • Samveel ansari
    great sir............ but i had a doubt sir , in 2nd case above why you put the two particles in first energy level and two in ground state??? they are non intera...
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    I would recommend you to read some concepts in statistical physics from some standard book, and particularly the occupancy of different types of particles this will expand your gra...
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  • Jeevesh Best Answer
    used energy in 1D box of infinite potential well and concept of occupancy in state to solve. please see the attachment.
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