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Two tuning fork are used to produce lissajous figure as shown below. - If the frequency of one fork used is 300 Hz and other is 596 Hz, it is found that above lissajous figure changes its shape. The time interval after which it will repeats itself is 0.25 sec O 0.50 sec O see O 0.1 sec Lissajous figure in question suggest that frequeney ofone fork is nearby double of other. Since, - where N, = Nunmber of tmes horizontal lme cut figure N, = Number of tmes ofvertical lme cut figure. But here o, = 2Tv = 27 300 and o 27 ( AV)T(2300 Ao= 2TAv = 27: 4Av 4 Hz Snce. fequency is slightly less than the double. Lssajos nguue changes ivth tmme and tune penod can be gren by T - 0.25 sec 4
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