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Research UGC-CARE List (Group A, B, C & D) – List of Approved Journals


UGC Care-List

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How to get a teaching/lectureship job after qualifying UGC NET?


This question strikes in the mind of almost every student aspiring for UGC NET Lectureship Exam. In our Comments’ section, we receive many queries concerning the same question.


To quench your doubts and provide you the right guidance, we have come up with this blog. Those who have qualified UGC NET and seeking for the Assistant Professor jobs can publish their articles in these UGC Journals and stand a chance to get placed at prestigious universities.


But before publishing in these articles, make sure you have already qualified UGC NET Exam.


Important NoteThe list of UGC Approved Journals was replaced by UGC-CARE list from 14th June 2019. 



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What are UGC Approved Journals?


Journals are the medium through which candidates publish their articles. These sources are made available through the UGC.

If aspirants choose any private journal for their research other than that, it will not be considered as valid.

As we have mentioned above in this blog that the UGC Approved Journals list has been replaced by UGC- CARE list so, you must have the knowledge about UG-CARE list to get the Journals.

Below we have provided some basic information regarding UGC-CARE, have a look.



What is UGC-CARE? – Know the Mandate and Other Information!


UGC has set up a Consortium for Academic and Research Ethics (CARE) to ensure prevention of academic misconduct that includes plagiarism in academic writing among student, faculty, researchers, and staff.

The CARE has been set up to identify, continuously monitor and maintain “UGC-CARE Reference List of Quality Journals”.

Following are the reasons for the set up of UGC-CARE.

To promote only quality research, academic integrity and publication ethics in all Indian Universities.

For promoting high-quality publications in reputed journals to achieve higher global ranks.

To prevent publications in dubious/predatory/sub-standard journals that reflects adversely and tarnish the Indian academia image.

To maintain the UGC-CARE Reference List of Quality Journals for all academic purposes.

Below you can get the useful information about UGC-CARE List that will help you to understand the concept in a better way.



UGC-CARE List – Group Wise Info!


The UGC-CARE list comprises four main groups. The journals submitted by UGC-CARE Council Members and Universities would be analysed by the UGC Cell.

Below you can check the UGC-CARE List group details.



Group A: Research Journals from all disciplines which are indexed in Scopus (Source List) or Web of Science (Arts and Humanities Citation Index Source Publication, Science Citation Index Expanded Source Publication, Social Science Citation Index Source Publication).

Group B: “UGC Approved List of Journals” from the previous list which is qualified as per the analysis protocols.

Group C: Recommended journals by UGC-CARE Council members from all disciplines which are qualified as per the analysis protocols.

Group D: Journals submitted by UGC-CARE Universities for all disciplines and languages which are qualified as per the analysis protocols.



How to Reach UGC Approved List of Journals (UGC-CARE List)? Check the procedure here!


Those who want to get the information about the reference list of quality journals should have to follow some basic steps.

Below we have provided the procedure that can help you to get existing journals with new journals approved by CARE-EC.



Step 1 – Visit the official website of UGC-CARE i.e.

Step 2 – Search for the login button and click on it.

Step 3 – Now you have to register yourself to get logged in. Submit your name, mobile number, address and email id carefully.

Step 4 – In the very next step, you will have to create a password. You should not share it with anyone.

Step 5 – Use your username and password for login.



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List of UGC Approved Journals – Category Wise Approved Journals!


As we have discussed above that there are four groups through them all journals are categorized. Now here we are sharing the direct link to get the journals’ list. Check below.



UGC-CARE List Group A


The research journals are indexed in Web of Science and Scopus lists for all the disciplines.

There are 14449 Journals in Web of Science and 39111 Journals in Scopus list.

All these journals are part of UGC-CARE List. If you want to get information about all these Journals, then below we have shared direct link that will help you to get all type of research journals.

Web of Science

Arts & Humanities Citation Index

Science Citation Index Expanded

Social Sciences Citation Index




Scopus Source List


Important Note – There are several journals which are common in both Web of Science and Scopus. Remember the total number of given journals are not representing the actual number of titles.

Below we have shared some other Indian Journals list which is indexed in Web of Science and Scopus. These lists are the part of Group A of UGC-CARE List as on 14th June 2019.

Indian Journal Listed in Web of Science (109)

Indian Journals Listed in Scopus (430)



UGC-CARE List Group B, C & D


There are 521 Journals in UGC-CARE List of Group B which are form the existing UGC Approved List qualifying as per the analysis protocols.

Total 47 Journals are from Group C which are the Journals from all disciplines that recommended by UGC-CARE Council members.

247 Journals in Group D from all disciplines and languages submitted by UGC-CARE Universities.

All these journals in Group B, C & D are listed as per the analysis protocols.

From the link given below you can get all the Journal titles with their writer’s names.


UGC-CARE List Group B, C & D 



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We have tried to provide complete Journal list of UGC into a single blog. This guide will surely help you to choose the right journal that fits best with your CSIR NET & UGC NET Subject.


Still, you have any problem related to this information? Please drop your queries and reviews in the comments’ box along with your contact details. We assure you not to post your contact details publicly.


Feel free to get in touch with our experts for any of your queries.


Good Luck!



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