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UGC Approved University 2022 in India - State Wise List

UGC NET Approved Journal

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UGC gives you the opportunity to work with prestigious universities by publishing an article in UGC Approved Journals.

If you have qualified for NTA NET Exam and are searching for assistant professor jobs, then publishing an article in UGC CARE Journals will be the best option for you to get a good job at the Indian universities/ institutes as per your preference.

Here in this article, we have provided the following detail of the UGC CARE List. 

What are the UGC CARE Journals?

Procedure to Submit New Journal Title/s

UGC CARE List 2022 – Group Wise Info!

Group I Journals

Group II Journals

UGC Approved Journal List 2022

How to Check UGC Approved Journal List?

Frequently Asked Questions



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What is UGC Approved Journals?


UGC Approved Journals are the medium through which you can publish your articles after qualifying for the UGC NET Exam. University Grant Commission will consider your article as valid only when you submit it in the UGC Approved Journals.

Note - Any other private journals which are not included in the 2022 List will not be considered valid.

In the last update, UGC Approved Journals list was replaced with the UGC CARE list. So, if you want to submit your article to UGC Journal List 2022 then you must know about it.

The following are the reasons for the establishment of the CARE List.

To promote quality research, academic integrity, and publication.

To prevent publications in dubious/predatory/sub-standard journals.

To maintain the Reference UGC CARE List of Quality Journals.

To develop a methodology and approach for good quality journal identification.



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Procedure to Submit New UGC CARE Journals Title/s 


You can submit your journal title/s in the UGC CARE List 2022 as an individual or publisher through the IQAC cell by following the prescribed submission process with the recommendation of the teaching faculty. 

The protocol of new submission consists of three parts:


UGC CARE Journals Protocol

Part I: Basic information

Part II: Primary Criteria

Part III: Secondary Criteria

It will include Journal title & language/s, Journal broad discipline and focus subject, Name of publisher, Country of origin and registered address, etc.

It will be based on internal analysis and assessment purposes, which include the verification process, etc.

This article submission will be based on two main groups


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UGC CARE List – Group Wise Info!


University Grant Commission comprises the UGC CARE List 2022 in two main groups; Group-I and Group-II (previously there were four groups (A, B, C & D)). The journals submitted by Council Members and Universities would be analyzed by the UGC Cell.

You can check the UGC CARE List 2022 group details from below.

 UGC CARE List Group I: Journals found qualified through UGC-CARE protocols.

UGC CARE List Group II: Journals indexed in globally recognized databases.



UGC CARE Journal List Group I


From the list of 2022, the journals are classified into 5 major subjects in which a total of 1456 journals are included. You can check the subject wise UGC Approved Journals of 2022 for refrence from the table given below: -



Total UGC Approved Journals 2022



Social Sciences


Arts & Humanities




Indian Languages






UGC CARE Journal List Group II


Some research journals are indexed in Web of Science and Scopus lists for all the disciplines. University Grant Commission includes these types of care list in group II.



Total UGC Approved Journals 2022

Web of Science

Arts & Humanities Citation Index


Science Citation Index Expanded


Social Sciences Citation Index



Scopus Source List



If you want the information about all these UGC CARE List of Journals 2022, then we have shared the list and direct links that will help you to get all types of research journals.



UGC Approved Journal List 2022


The list of approved journal 2022 hasn't release. So, below, you can check the list of UGC Approved Journals 2022 for reference for both groups.



UGC Approved List of Journals in Science 


Journal Title


Acta Graphica



Afrika Statistika

Current Botany

Current Catalysis


Algological Studies

Aligarh Journal of Statistics

Get UGC Care List Journals for Science Here



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UGC Approved Journals in Social Sciences


Journal Title

Adhigam (print only)


Artha Vijnana

Bank Quest

College Libraries

Demography India

Derrida Today

Anustup (print only)


Economic Issues

UGC Care List Journals for Social Science



UGC NET Channel



UGC Approved Journals for Art and Humanities


Journal Title

Aabru (print only)

Acta Germanica

Aitihya The Heritage

Aiwan- e- Urdu

Ajkal Urdu (print only)

Akshar Wangmay (print only)

Akshara (print only)

Akshargatha (print only)

Al Basul Islami

Al- Jeel Al- Jadeed

UGC Approved Journals 2022 for Art and Humanities



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UGC Approved List of Journals in Multidisciplinary


Journal Title

Arimaa Nokku (print only)



Book History


Tattva- Sindhu

Urdu Duniya

Vigyan Prakash

Frames Cinema Journal

Yoga- Mimamsa

UGC CARE List Journal 2022 for Multidisciplinary



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List of UGC Approved Journals for Indian Languages


Journal Title

ایوان اردو (print only)

IIS University Journal of Arts

Journal of Acharya Narendra Dev Research Institute

Prasanna Bharathi (print only)

Sreevani (print only)

अधिगम (print only)

अक्षर वाङमय (print only)

अक्षरगाथा (print only)

अक्षरा (print only)

अस्मितादर्श (print only)

UGC Approved Journal List 2022 for Indian Languages



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UGC Care List for Arts & Humanities Citation Index


Journal List

Digital Scholarship in the Humanities

Cogent Arts & Humanities

Empirical Studies of the Arts

African Arts

Index on Censorship

Medical Humanities

Arts of Asia

Religion and the Arts

Connaissance Des Arts

Index Communication

UGC Approved Journal 2022 List for Arts & Humanities Citation Index



Science Citation Index Expanded UGC Care List


Journal List

Advances in Nursing Science

Acs Central Science

Acs Combinatorial Science

Advances in Polymer Science

Advances in Weed Science

Animal Prodection Science

Animal Reproduction Science

Antarctic Science

Advanced Science

Advances in Colloid and Interface Science

UGC Approved Journal 2022 List for Science Citation Index Expanded



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UGC CARE List Journal for Social Sciences Citation Index


Journal List

Asian Journal of Social Science

Mathematical Social Sciences

Social Science Computer Review

Philosophy of The Social Sciences

Social Science History

Social Science Japan Journal

Social Science  Journal

Social Science & Medicines

Cogent Social Sciences

Mathematical Social Science

UGC Approved Journal 2022 List for Social Science Citation Index Expanded



UGC Care List for Scopus Source


Source title 

Ca-A Cancer Journal for Clinicians

MMWR Recommendations and Reports Open Access

Nature Reviews Materials

Chemical Reviews

Reviews of Modern Physics

Nature Reviews Genetics

The Lancet

Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology

Nature Energy

Nature Reviews Cancer

List of UGC Approved Journals 2022 for Scopus Source



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How to Check UGC Approved Journal? Complete Procedure


Below, we have provided the procedure that can help you to get existing UGC CARE List Journals along with new journals approved by CARE-EC.


Step 1 – Visit the official website of i.e.

Step 2 – Register yourself by submitting the required details and create a password carefully.

Step 3 – Log in to the website by using your email id and password.

Step 4 – Now, you can search for the journals that are categorized in Group I & II, as mentioned above.

You can get the direct link to UGC CARE List 2022 from the above-mentioned tables.


If you want to submit your article to the UGC CARE List, then you are required to qualify for the UGC NET Exam first with the help of UGC NET Free Study Kit which includes sample notes, previous exam question papers, model papers, etc. You can get all the free material from the following table: - 




UGC NET Frequently Asked Question


Here in this section, you can check the NTA UGC NET FAQs that are related to the UGC Approved Journals.  


Question - How to check if the journal is UGC approved or not?

Answer – UGC Journals provides the action section separately in which you can find the status of your submitted journal i.e., whether it is approved, indexed, or rejected by the officials.


Question - How much does it cost to publish an article in UGC Approved Journals?

Answer – The cost of publishing an article in a journal depends on the paper.


Question - Why few journals are removed before completing the quarter?

Answer – If the journals are found to be involved in unethical practices then it will be removed immediately by the officials.


Question - Who can recommend journals for inclusion in the UGC CARE List?

Answer – Anyone can recommend journals, whether Indian or foreigner, for inclusion in the UGC-CARE List, by following the prescribed submission process.


Question - What is the re-review process of the rejected journal/s?

Answer – Rejected journals can be submitted for re-review only after one year and will be required to follow the prescribed submission process.



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These were the complete information regarding the UGC CARE List Journals. This guide will help you to choose the right journal that fits best with your UGC NET Subject.

If you have any confusion related to this information, please drop your queries in the comment box below. We will try to solve your queries as soon as possible.

You can also join India’s No.1 Learning Community for UGC NET, where you will get doubt solutions for all your exam-related queries with the help of experts from all over India. To join the community, you can download the Eduncle app now.  


Thank you


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  • Gyaneshwari

    been trying to publish in ugc care list journals but most of the government owned journals never respond or never publish. how do i get my papers published in ugc care list now. any help . subject related is education.


    Hello Gyaneshwari,
    Greetings from Eduncle!
    you should directly contact with the official regarding UGC CARE.
    Thank You!!

  • Sankalp raj

    I want a journal of legal issue and which accept submission in APA referencing style. Kindly Suggest.

  • Harsh

    anybody wity commence line can help me


    Hello Puneet,
    Greetings from Eduncle!
    Kindly share your query in detail at We will be glad to help you with best guidance.
    Thanks for asking your query with us!

  • Bitu baruah

    how publish an article in the ISBN journal


    you can write an article based on the requirements of the journal and then mail them. first you need to send an abstract. if they accept the abstract then mail them the paper


    journals have ISSN

  • Manisha dutta

    Hello.. Kindly help me to publish my research paper on nutrition. What are the best Journals???

  • Parimala Kamatar

    I have published one of my articles on December 2017 in a journal which was approved by the UGC that time. But now that is not in the list of journals. Hence, will my article be rejected for this reason?


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