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UGC NET Exam Teaching Aids Study Material & Notes | Top Methods of Teaching

UGC NET Paper I Teaching Aids

The purpose of UGC NET Exam is to evaluate teaching and research skills of the aspirants in different areas or subjects.

A teacher should be well aware of the tools and techniques to effectively teach students in classrooms and this is the main reason for adding the Teaching Aptitude section in UGC NET Paper I Syllabus.

Teaching aid is a part of Teaching Aptitude section in UGC NET Paper I. Candidates who want to get good marks in fewer efforts must focus on Teaching Aptitude section at 1st priority.

Here, you can take the benefits of short notes on Teaching Aids designed by highly skilled experts.

Go with the flow by scrolling down and read out the complete notes on Teaching Aids.

What are Teaching Aids and Why Teachers Need to Know Them Well?

What are the Types of Teaching Aids? Category Wise Classification

Importance of Teaching Aids

Teaching Aids – Samples of UGC NET Paper I Objective Type Questions



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What are Teaching Aids and Why Teachers Need to Know Them Well?


The types of equipment that teachers use to define the objective of a topic are known as Teaching Aids. Teaching Aids are being a major part of the learning process.

The science and technologies used in the learning process are added in the list of Teaching Aids.

Here’s what the experts say about learning –


“Learners can remember only 20% what they hear, 30% what they see, 50% what they see & hear and 90% of what they say and do”.



So, it's important to have an idea about different scenarios through which you can learn. The knowledge of teaching aids gives the perfect ideas about the uses of equipment in the right place and also helps in getting the UGC NET Preparation polished up.

Below you can check some key points defining why Teaching Aids are required in the learning process -



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Needs of Teaching Aids – Know Why All These are Necessary?


A successful learning process is a combination of all the chunks that help an aspirant to gain 100% what the teacher explained of.

Teaching Aids is one of those parts which imparts in effective learning.

Scroll down to know the basic needs of Teaching Aids.

With the help of Teaching Aids, one can clear the concepts in a more effective way.

 Teaching Aids are useful for those who usually suffer through the anxiety to perform better and becomes hopeless while learning new things.

 Teaching Aids are very important for those who have a tendency to forgot frequently.

 With the help of Teaching Aids, aspirants can make a clear image or understand properly through hearing, smelling and looking.

 Conceptual thinking is important in the Learning Process. Teaching Aids give you a chance to clear the concepts.

 It helps to learn faster and accurate in any case.

 Teaching aids create a happy and interesting environment for the students.

 Students can avail of direct experience from Teaching Aids.

 Teaching Aids make learning permanent for both teacher and students.



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What are the Types of Teaching Aids? Category-Wise Classification


Its important to know about the different types of Teaching Aids for UGC NET Paper I preparation.

There are many types of Teaching Aids for learning like charts, flash cards, maps, newspapers, graphs, surveys, audio etc.

Don’t be confused, here we have classified these aids for your suitability.

Scroll down to know about different types of Teaching Aids



Visual Aids


These are the tools that used to present the information with the help of the sense of vision. The mostly used visuals aids are models, pictures, objects, maps, flashcards, charts chalkboard, slides, blackboard, bulletin boards, film strips etc.

The above-mentioned Teaching Aids are mostly used by the teacher depending on the sense of sight.



Audio Aids


The Teaching Aids which uses the sense of hearing are counted in Audio Aids.

Students can learn by hearing the study material without any visualization.

The most common audio aids are radio, tape recorder, gramophone etc.



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Audio-Visual Aids


These types of Teaching Aids include both Audio and Visual Aids. A student can take help of sense of vision and hearing as well.

The examples of Audio-Visual Aids are – Television, Filmstrips, film projectors, classroom films, industrial films, documentary films etc.

The above-mentioned Teaching Aids are widely known as the best tools that a teacher can use to explain each and every step to the aspirants.

You should also take a quick view on the importance of Teaching Aids in our education system from the below-mentioned points.



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Importance of Teaching Aids


Teaching Aids play a vital role in every education system. The results after using these Teaching Aids show their importance.

Below you can check the importance of Teaching Aids which are experienced by the students.



Builds the Motivation

All these aids motivate a student to learn in a better way.


Strengthen the Vocabulary

Teachers who use Teaching Aids that can help a student to improve his/her vocabulary very effectively.


Helps to Save Time and Money as Well

Teaching Aids help to save time and money simultaneously for both teacher and students.


Can Get Direct Experience

Teaching aids can give a direct experience to the students to learn something without assuming. Visual aids are the most effective way to explain every concept clearly.


Discouragement of Cramming

As the Teaching Aids help in better understanding the concepts, it discourages the act of cramming.



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We are hoping that you successfully understood the meaning of Teaching Aids, their needs, importance etc. If so, then you can easily get 100% in marks in this topic of Teaching Aptitude.

You can also check a few samples of questions of Teaching Aids of UGC NET Paper I below



Teaching Aids – Samples of UGC NET Paper I Objective Type Questions


Candidates who are wanting to get an idea about the type of questions that will be asked from the topic Teaching Aptitude, must check the sample questions given below.


Q.1 TV is superior to radio as a teaching aid because it


(A) Generally liked by pupils

(B) Is Costly

(C) Invites two sense hearing and vision simultaneously leading to a more accurate form of learning

(D) None of the above


Q.2 An effective teaching aid is one which


(A) Activates all faculties

(B) Is visible to all students

(C) Is colorful and good looking

(D) Is Easy to prepare and use



Q.3 Which of the following statements about teaching aids are correct?


(A) They help the students learn better

(B) They help in retaining concepts for a longer duration

(C) They make teaching-learning process interesting

(D) All A, B & C



Q.4 Which one is not an instructional material?


(A) Audio Cassette

(B) Transparency

(C) Printed Material

(D) Over Head Projector


Q.5 Which one is an example of visual aids?


(A) Classroom Films

(B) Tape Recorder

(C) Chalkboard

(D) Documentary Film




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