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Having a deep knowledge in something that interests you gives the best feeling and motivation to do that work.


If you are a follower of Geography and wish to make your career in this field, then you are at the right place. Here, you can explore the complete knowledge about the most worth-while career option after pursuing PG in Geography or any related subject. UGC NET is the one and only career path which can lead you to an amazing job destination!


You can become a lecturer, researcher, a senior employee of a highly reputed govt or private organization and much more.


Being the vastest subject of science, geography cover almost everything which is concerned to the environment, nature & society. It helps people to stay updated with the updated information for our communities, societies, nature, development of humans and much more.


So, would you like to draw your career with Geography? Would you like to have a brightest future ahead?


If yes, then don’t waste a single second to learn about how can you achieve your goals through UGC NET 2018. It would be easier if you follow the tips & tricks suggested by the Experts below in this blog.




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Let’s have a look!


Want to Appear in UGC NET Geography? Read 6 Amazing Career Scopes to Set Your Mind! 


Are Your Eligible for UGC NET Geography 2018 Exam? Check Out Here!


UGC NET Geography 2018 Exam Pattern | Note the Updated Marking Scheme 


Which Topics Should You Cover to Score More in NET Geography?


Top Books for UGC NET Geography – Buy Only What Experts Recommend! 


What Strategies Should be Followed to Crack UGC NET Geography in First Attempt?


UGC NET Geography Sample Questions for 2018 Exam | Practice & Polish Your Skills




Want to Appear in UGC NET Geography? Read 6 Amazing Career Scopes to Set Your Mind!




Once you qualify the exam, you will find good career opportunities not only for lectureship or research fellowship but also for well paid jobs in India’s most reputed organisations.


The organisations and Institutes will recruit you on the basis of their defined procedures.


Let’s find out which career scopes you can have after qualifying the National Eligibility Tet 2018. Explore the options given below –



1. Become a Lecturer in any of the UGC Approved Universities.


2. Apply for Project Associate, Project Fellow, Research Fellow, Project Assistant in Geography.


3. Apply for Latest PSU Jobs in the companies like – NTPC, ONGC, NMRL etc.


4. Career in government jobs (Search at UGC NET Job Portal)


5. Doctorate of Philosophy in Geography


6. Become a Tutor for Geography and teach NET aspirants.




Want to have an amazing career through UGC NET Qualification? Here’s how you can crack this exam! Just Download UGC NET Sample Stuff for FREE & Practice Well with Sets of Sample Papers, Previous Years Papers & Experts Notes.




Before you start dreaming for these career opportunities, let’s check out your eligibility!




UGC NET Geography 2018 | Find Out the Latest Changes in Eligibility, Pattern & Syllabus




The biggest announcement of this year was that the CBSE has made major changes in the Eligibility Criteria, Pattern Scheme & Syllabus of the UGC NET Geography 2018 Exam.


Very few websites have updated the major changes. Get the adequate knowledge of the same, first on Eduncle.




Are Your Eligible for UGC NET Geography 2018 Exam? Check Out Here!




Your eligibility will be decided on the basis of two major factors, one is education qualification and the other is age norms.


From below, you can check your UGC NET Eligibility to appear in the exam.




Education Qualification




Post-graduation in Geography, Applied Geography, Geo Informatics or any other related subjects.


Percentage of a candidate should be lie in between following parameters –


55% aggregate (General Category) in Master’s or in equivalent.


 50% aggregate (SC/ST/OBC/PWD) in Master’s or in equivalent.




Age Limit




 Aspirants who wish to appear in UGC NET 2018 Exam for the award of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF), should not over cross 30 years of their age.


 There will be 5 Years’ of relaxation for ST/SC/PWD/OBC.


 For the post of Assistant Professor (Lecturer) there is no age limit criteria.



A prefixed pattern shows the clear picture of the exam. If you are eligible to appear in this exam and wish to know more about this exam, then it’s time to set the exam pattern in your mind!




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UGC NET Geography 2018 Exam Pattern | Note the Updated Marking Scheme




Before starting preparation for the exam, candidates need to be familiar with its exam pattern and marking scheme to crack the exam with ease.


Scroll down the page to get complete exam pattern with marking scheme for Geography.


The Exam will be conducted in two distinct Papers i.e. –


 Paper I


 Paper II



There will be objective type questions in both the papers of UGC NET.


Paper I is designed to identify the skill of aspirants in reasoning, deviating thinking, comprehension, teaching and research aptitude. This paper will remain common for all the subjects of National Eligibility Test.


Paper II will be consisting objective type questions based on the topics of UGC NET Geography.


Check the marking scheme from the table give below –



S.No. Paper Total No. of Question Maximum Marks Time Duration
1 Paper I 50 100 Marks 1 Hour
2 Paper II 100 200 Marks 2 Hour



Note: - There will be no Negative Marking in UGC NET 2018 Exam.  So, try to attempt as much questions as possible.



Knowledge of UGC NET Exam Pattern is incomplete until you have the complete information for its syllabus.


Scroll down and get the complete syllabus!





Which Topics Should You Cover to Score More in NET Geography?



For initializing the UGC NET Geography preparation, aspirants should note down the complete syllabus and curriculum of the exam.


Once you get complete NET 2018 Syllabus, you can mark out all the important topics and their sub topics wisely.


Check out the tables given below –




UGC NET Geography Syllabus – Paper II




S.No. Units Topics
1. Unit – I Geomorphology
2. Unit – II Climatology

Unit – III

4. Unit – IV  History of Geography Thought
5. Unit – V Population Geography
Settlement Geography

Unit – VI

Economic Geography
Agricultural Geography
Industrial Geography
Geography of Transport and Trade

Unit – VII

Political Geography
Social Geography
Cultural Geography
8. Unit – VIII Regional Planning
9. Unit -IX Geography of India
10. Unit -X Cartography
Statistical Method





Free Download UGC NET Geography Syllabus PDF




Top Books for UGC NET Geography – Buy Only What Experts Recommend!




Candidates who wish to get good rank in the exam, must not compromise with the quality of learning study material.


To make sure that you do not leave a single chance to grab the success, you must prefer following study stuff during your exam preparation – UGC NET Geography Books PDF Free Download, Notes, Mock Tests, UGC NET Geography Question Paper with Answer Keys, Video Lectures etc.


Among these, UGC NET Geography Books are the best source that you can use for the exam preparation.


As qualifying the NET Exam is quite challenging, you must take your preparation seriously.


If you’re aspiring to appear in 2018, buy the best recommended books to get exceptional score in the exam.


Things that you need to consider before buying any books are –



 The book you are going to refer must contain practice questions papers with their answers.


 It must contain the entire UGC NET Geography Syllabus.


 Printing quality of content must be superior.


 Content must be written in easy and modest format.




List of Reference Books for UGC NET Geography




1. Truman’s UGC NET General Paper I by M.Gagan (Author), Sajit Kumar (Author)


2. UGC-NET/JRF/SET/SLET -Teaching & Research Aptitude (General Paper -1) 1st Edition by Expert Publications


3. UGC NET/SLET Geography (Paper II) Guide by Indra Kumar Lal, Naseeruddin Khan


4. UGC NET/JRF/SET Geography (Paper II) by Rajeev R. Shrivastava


5. UGC NET/SET (JRF & LS) Geography by Arihant Publication


If you got the purpose for sharing above mentioned points, then without wasting your time, seek for the best UGC NET Books, Study Material & Coaching in both Free & Paid modes.



UGC NET Sample Material & Experts Notes are available for FREE. Click to Download Here!





What Strategies Should be Followed to Crack UGC NET Geography in First Attempt?




Exams are sometimes being stressful and overwhelming but, just like everything, there are some hacks (preparation tips) that can help you to overcome from this kind of situations so that you can perform a little better.


Try these tips as provided below for UGC NET Geography Preparation –



 As you got the detailed information for the complete UGC NET Geography Syllabus & Exam pattern. Now the next step is to make a study plan and follow it strictly.



 Before you start your preparations, set a target score based on the UGC NET previous years’ cutoff marks.


Analyzing the entire details, we’d advise you to set your target score as 65 or 67. This should be the least score that you aim to achieve.




 The syllabus of Geography is huge to complete in time, so it will be beneficial for the candidates to prepare for this exam in advance.

Learn to save time for study. Try to utilize few hours from unnecessary daily activities.



 For a better time-management approach, you can save 4 hours daily for Paper-2 Preparation and 2 Hours for Paper -1 Preparation. Spend Morning and Day Hours for Paper-2 and Evening and Night Hours for Paper 1.


Make Sure you also save time for revisions at day end.




 Start from UGC NET Paper-I. Mark on important topics and keep extra time for these topics as important topics gives you surety to obtain good marks in exam.



 UGC NET Paper-I is to check your time management skills. The paper will consist only moderate questions. Try to save your time for Paper -II as UGC NET Geography Paper II will consume time to prepare yourself for the exam.



 Keep practising regularly. Never spoil your daily study routine.



 Once you complete UGC NET Paper-I preparation, move on to Geography Paper-II. Paper two will examine your deep knowledge for Geography. If you want to clear this part of exam, then it’s essential to clear basics of all the topics.



 Topics like Geomorphology, Climatology, Oceanography are the most important topics to score well in Paper-II.



 Boost up your speed & accuracy with the help of mock tests.



Make some quick notes for memorizing the formulas and short tricks.



 Self-analysis is an important part of exam preparation. Solve UGC NET Previous Year Question Papers to analyse yourself.



 Clear your doubts with the help of experts.



 To get improvement in your weak areas, start practising on them on a regular basis.



 Be confident & don’t get confused during the exam.




Need more assistance? Visit here – How to Prepare for UGC NET Exam?




UGC NET Geography Sample Questions for 2018 Exam | Practice & Polish Your Skills




Here we bring for you some UGC NET Geography sample questions that will help you to calculate your preparation level for the exam –





Q.1 In Indian Ocean between 0° – 10° N and 0°-10° S latitudinal zones, the temperature variations   is of about- 

(A) 3

(B) 2

(C) 1

(D) 0


Q.2 Tropical Evergreen Forests are found in areas having rainfall –


(A) Less than 100 cms

(B) 100 to 200 cms

(C) 200 to 300 cms

(D) More than 300 cms


Q.3 In describing the process of spatial interaction, geographers are most concerned with –


(A) Luten

(B) Dickens

(C) Kuklinski

(D) Freidman


Q.4 The approach that some geographical facts according to Ritter, cannot be explained scientifically, is termed as –


(A) Locational

(B) Ecological

(C) Teleological

(D) Regional


Q.5 Which one of the following countries is devoid of Glossopteris flora?


(A) India

(B) Australia

(C) Norway

(D) South Africa


Q.6 Which one of the following regions is with high ocean water salinity?


(A) Equatorial

(B) Polar

(C) Subtropical

(D) Subpolar


Q.7 Which one of the following total fertility rate is required to maintain the world’s existing population?


(A) 4

(B) 1

(C) 2

(D) 2


Q.8 Which one of the following principles denotes K-4 of Christaller’s Model of central places?


(A) Market

(B) Transport

(C) Administrative

(D) Economic


Q.9 The concept of Lebensraum became popular in the discipline of Political Geography after the publication of :


(A) Political Geography: World Economy, Nation – State and Locality

(B) Politische Geographic

(C) Making Political Geography

(D) Geographical Pivot of History


Q.10 Which one of the following regions does not constitute the Damodar Valley Region?


(A) Deltaic Plain of Padma River

(B) Deltaic Plain of West Bengal

(C) Palmau Plateau

(D) Chotanagpur Plateau


Q.11 In which one of the following states of India the maximum Teak forest is found?


(A) Madhya Pradesh

(B) Uttar Pradesh

(C) Bihar

(D) Karnataka


Q.12 Which one of the following terms is used to measure the extreme peak in a normal distribution?


(A) Mesokurtic

(B) Skewed

(C) Leptokurtic

(D) Platykurtic



Q.13 Which one of the following process is responsible for the weathering of rocks in a Karst region?


(A) Oxidation

(B) Hydrolysis

(C) Scree formation

(D) Carbonation


Q.14 Given below are two statements, one labelled as Assertion (A) and the other labelled as Reason (R). Select your answer from the code given below:


Assertion (A):

Population growth rate (2001-2011) was high for Bihar as compared to Uttar Pradesh.

Reason (R):

Growth rate of population is the outcome of births minus deaths of a place



(1) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A)

(2) Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is the not a correct explanation of (A)

(3) (A) is true, but (R) is false

(4) (A) is false, but (R) is true


Q.15 Which one of the following is correct statement for Patna city in Bihar and Kolkata city in West Bengal?


(A) Edge City

(B) Post Industrial City

(C) World City

(D) Primate City





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