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NTA UGC NET Paper 1 Notes - Barrier to Communication

UGC NET Paper 1 – Barrier to Communication

UGC NET Paper 1 Notes

NTA organise UGC NET exam to determine the candidature for lectureship and research. There are two papers i.e. Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Paper 1 is common for all the subjects which include objective type questions related to Teaching Aptitude, Communication, Mental Ability, Reasoning Aptitude and Reading comprehension. If you are going to appear for NTA UGC NET exam, you should not take the paper 1 lightly.

Communication is one of the important topics from UGC NET General paper 1 and covers enough weightage which can help to score well.

In the blog below, we are going to talk about the communication barriers. Scroll down to read the notes on Communication barrier in detail.

Introduction of Communication

Types of Communication Barrier

How to Overcome Communication Barriers?



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Introduction of Communication - Know its Importance


Communication is the way to express and deliver any message or information to another person. The communication will be successful only if the information sent by an individual is delivered to others and understood as it is meant to.

"Communication is the processes of imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium."


The importance of communication can be explained as follows:

For Smooth Working

Basis of Decision Making

To Increases Cooperation and Organizational Peace

Basis of Co-ordination

To Increases Managerial Efficiency


If the receiver is interpreted to get the message or understands the information in a different way from the actual meaning, then communication will be said unsuccessful. And the reason which creates interruptions are called Communication barriers.

Various reasons which create misunderstanding the real meaning of the information that delivered to another person are known as Communication Barriers.

So, this topic is quite interesting when it comes to UGC NET Preparation. So, boost up your knowledge about barriers in communication from below.



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Types of Communication Barrier – Category-wise Classification


There are various reasons which cause unsuccessful communication or prevent understanding the actual meaning of the information which are known as communication Barriers.

The difficulty to successfully deliver the information is categorized in different communication barriers based on various aspects.

In this blog below, we are going to discuss the Types of Communication Barriers as following:

1. Semantic Barrier

2. Language Barrier

3. Organizational Barrier

4. Interpersonal Barrier

5. Individual Barrier

6. Physical Barrier

7. Psychological Barriers

8. Technological barrier


If the receiver is not getting the same meaning of the information that the sender wants to deliver, it is due to one of the following communication barriers. Have a look in details of the different type of Communication Barriers below:



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Semantic Barrier


It is based on the same worlds having different meanings to different peoples. The difficulty arises when different people assume the different meaning of specific information or word, it is called semantic Barrier.

The semantic barrier is caused due to the following reasons:

Similar words with a different meaning

Wrong Assumption

Technical Language

Different Cultures



Language Barrier


Different language, vocabulary, accents represent the language communication barrier. The use of difficult or inappropriate words, technical jargons and poorly explained or misunderstood messages can result in confusion during the communication process.



Organizational Barrier


The level of management or management policies is the reason the Organizational Barrier. This type of barrier arises due to the gap between staff members and management in terms of communication policies, authority layers, filtering of information etc.

The Organizational Barrier includes the following:

Organizational Rules & Regulations

Cooperation between Superior and Subordinate

Organization Culture

Status and Layers



Interpersonal Barrier


The chances of miscommunication happened when there are differences in education, society, and economic status in sender and receiver.

These barriers develop due to the values held in relationships and attitude of the participants in the process of communication.



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Individual Barrier


It is also known as psycho-sociological barriers. These barriers include differences in personality, stereotyping, inattention and differences in individual competencies to think and act, which can also include physical disorders or handicaps.

Due to the diverse personality of the sender and receiver in the communication process, the wrong message is interpreted.



Physical Barrier


It is the most occurred barrier in communication due to natural and environmental conditions. The physical barrier includes circumstances like noise, hearing problem, speech difficulties, closed doors, defective equipment etc.

The distance or geographical distance may be the reason for Physical Barrier. It is always easy to convey the message to a person over a short distance. As more communication channel and technology is required to deliver the message at large distance.



Psychological Barriers


Communication is influenced due to the psychological state of the communicators. Psychological Barriers include emotions, poor retention, lack of attention, different opinion, perceptions etc.



Technological Barrier


The disturbance during communication occur due to the technical error or it is known as Technical Barrier.

The network issue, coding error or defect in electronic equipment are the major reason of the technological barrier. For example, one cannot be able to communicate over phone if there is any defect in phone or if the proper network is not available.



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How to overcome the Communication Barriers?


The proper attention during the communication can avoid the barriers in communication. Make sure that the medium of communication is well known and all the electronic equipment are working fine.

The receiver and sender should keep checking the message if they are getting/ delivering it right.

The sender should ask the questions like why, where, who and how he is going to communicate. On the other hand, the receiver should ask for clarification and reputation if it is required.

The members including in communication should share their feelings, opinions during the communication process to avoid the barriers.



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Here, we have discussed few types of communication barrier which are important for UGC NET General Paper 1 preparation and asked frequently in exam. Hope the above list make clear the difference between the type of various communication barriers.

If you have any query, you can ask us through the comments box given below.

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