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UGC 7th Pay Commission News 2018 | Highlights & Pay Revisions

UGC Pay Revision for Assistant Professor & JRF

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The Central Govt. and UGC Pay Review Committee had implement the UGC 7th Pay Commission pay scales for teachers. This decision results in increased salaries, allowances, and other job benefits.


According to the UGC 7th Pay commission, the Board aimed to increase the UGC Pay Scale for NET Lecturers/Assistant Professor Jobs & Teaching Jobs up to 24%, 16% and 8% as per the Dearness Allowance of the Employer.


The government decided to make the Revised Pay and Revised Rates for the Dearness Allowance effective from 1 Jan 2016, but due to some reasons, it was not implemented. Finally, in Feb 2018, the committee made the UGC 7th Pay Commission for University Teachers.


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Here, in this blog, we have provided the complete details of UGC 7th Pay Commission for University Teacher along with the new UGC pay scale for Assistant Professor Jobs, JRF Research Jobs & Other Teaching Jobs.


Let’s have a look below!




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UGC 7th Pay Commission Recommendations, Highlights & Review Committee Report


Explore the major highlights of UGC Seventh Pay Commission enlisted below –


1. As per the UGC 7th Pay Commission Recommendations, University Grant Commission will release the funds to the UGC Approved Universities after receiving it from the Ministry of Finance.


2. According to the UGC 7th Pay Commission, there are only three Designations in Universities and Colleges, namely Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor.


Whereas the Designations of Library and Physical Education Personnel at various levels in Universities and Colleges were not changed.


3. As per the UGC 7th Pay Commission Recommendations, the rationalized entry pay (INR 37400- 67000) for Lecturer Jobs was increased to INR 1.31 Lacs.


4. The UGC Pay Revision of Assistant Professor Jobs under the Band Pay of INR 37400 to INR 67,000 with Grade Pay of INR 10,000 will be INR 1.44 Lacs.


5. The Professor's place in Higher Administrative Grade (HAG) would get the entry pay of INR 1.82 Lacs.


6. As per UGC Pay Commission, the Principals of the Undergraduate Colleges shall be paid equivalent to the pay of Associate professor jobs. The Special Allowance for the Principals would be INR 2000 per month.


7. The Principals of Post Graduate Colleges shall be paid equivalent to the pay of Professor Jobs and the special allowance would be INR 3000 per month.


8. The Vice chancellors would be paid at the rate of INR 2.10 lacs whereas the Special Allowance shall be exciting to INR 5000 per month.


9. The increment for Assistant Professor Salary, Associate Professor Salary, Professor Salary as well as for Vice-chancellor salary would range from 22% to 28%.


As per the notification, it has been decided that UGC NET or JRF qualified guest lecturers in Government and aided colleges will get INR 1750 per day and maximum INR 43,750 for 25 working days in a month. Those without UGC qualifications will get INR 1600 and maximum INR 40,000 per month. The salary hike will come into retrospective effect from 2017 March.



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UGC 7th Pay Commission Fitment Table for Teachers


Based on the 7th Pay Commission Report, there are 6 levels from Assistant Professor Jobs to the Professor Teaching Jobs based on which the Academic Grade Pay and Entry Pay/Salary Structure of Assistant Professors & Professors are decided.


Here are the highlights of UGC 7th Pay Revisions for Teaching Staff -


Assistant Professor Jobs Levels Assistant Professor Salary & Professor Salary in India (Grade Pay) Salary Structure of Assistant Professor & Professor (Entry Pay)
10 (Assistant Professor) 6000 21600
11 (Assistant professor) 7000 25790
12 (Assistant Professor) 8000 29900
13 (Associate Professor) 9000 49200
14 (Professor) 10000 53000
15 (Professor)  - 67000


Revised UGC Pay Scale for Faculties in Universities and Colleges


The Lectureship is one of the noble profession in India and had always been an important career option for Aspirants and Job Seekers. Qualifying the UGC NET Lectureship Exam not only provides an attractive salary package but also, it is considered as one of the respected Job options in India.


You might be getting eager to know about the new UGC Pay Scale 7th Pay Commission for Assistant Professor Jobs and Lecturers Jobs/Teaching Jobs. Please look at the table given below.


Teaching Jobs Positions Existing UGC Pay Scale for Assistant Professor & Teachers New Pay Scale of Assistant Professor & Other Posts University Teachers Salary (Grade Pay)
Assistant Professor INR 47304 INR 57700 INR 6000
Assistant Professor (Senior Scale) INR 56480 INR 68900 INR 7000
Associate Professor INR 1.7748 INR 131400 INR 9000
Professor INR 116070 INR 144200 INR 10000
Vice Chancellor INR 175200 INR 225000 -


Revised Pay Scale for Libraries in Universities and Colleges


Posts Existing Pay Scale New Pay Band Grade Pay
Assistant Librarian /College Librarian INR 15600 - 39100 INR 57700 INR 6000
Assistant Librarian (Senior Scale) INR 15600 – 39100 INR 68900 INR 7000
Deputy Librarian/ Assistant Librarian (Selection Grade) INR 15600 – 39100 INR 79800 INR 9000
Deputy Librarian/ Assistant Librarian (Selection Grade) INR 37400 - 67000 INR 131400 INR 10000
University Librarian INR 37400 - 67000 INR 144200 -


Annual Increment & Promotion Rules as per UGC Pay Revisions


The University Grants Commission has decided to provide two annual increments per year to the centralized employees. The first Increment will be given in the month of January whereas the second increment in the July month. The Rate of Increment is 3% as per Pay Norms with Compounding Effect.



Promotions Rules based on UGC Pay Review Committee Report


 For Ph.D. Degree Holders – There is a procedure to give five advance increments to the Ph.D. degree-holding candidates instead of four increments in the past.


 For M.Phil. Degree Holder – There is a procedure to give three advanced increments to the M.Phil. degree holding candidates instead of two Increments in the past.


  For M. Tech, M. D, M. S LLM Degree Holders – The candidates completed M. Tech, M.D, M.S, LLM degrees are given three advance increments instead of two increments in the past.


For M. A, M.Sc., M. Com Degree Holders – The candidates holding degrees like Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (M. Sc) and Master of Commerce (M. Com) with NET/SLET qualification as Assistant Professor Jobs would be provided with two advanced increments.


For Associate Professor Jobs – The candidate, who joins as an Associate Professor under CAS or by open selection will be given two advance increments.


For In-Service University Teacher Jobs - UGC provides three advance increments to the aspirants who are presently in-service as a teacher without completing their Ph.D. whereas after completing the Ph.D. degree, they are advisable for two advance increments per year.


For Extraordinary Work- As in previous years, five increments were liable to the employees who were working with high merit, better publications and holding high working experience. At present Seven advance increments are recommended by the committee to the employees. 



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In the above article, we have summed up all the essential details regarding UGC 7th Pay Commission.


If we missed any information or you have any query for the above article, please let us know by providing your valuable suggestions and feedbacks in the comment box.


While sharing the relevant information with your friends, you can help them know more about the UGC 7th Pay and its benefits.


Happy Learning!




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