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What is the oun to an accuracy of one part in a million ? the uncertainty in the cation of a photon of wavelength 3000 A if this wavelength is uncertainty in the loc Knowin A 23.9 mm (B) 22.9 mm 0 21.9 mm (D) 28.9 mm
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  • Kanishk tomar
    as its 1 part in million
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  • Kanishk tomar thankyou
    instead of 10^-12 write 10^-6
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    Isha lohan 1
    but still, your options won't match. have you understand the concept.
  • Isha lohan 1
    See attached. This is the correct way to solve. But options are not matching. I have cross checked my calculations, may be there is some mistake in printing answer. Or may be i am ...
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