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unit area of the disc is proportional to the distance from its centre. If the radius of the disc is R and its ma IIT-JAM 2014 The moment of inertia of a disc about one of its diameters is The mass per unit mass is G. M, the value of is B) 2MR MR (A) 3 MR (C) (D) MR 10
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    it will help u
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    Sneha pathak
    I have its solution already
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    then dear, what's your doubt
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    Sneha pathak
    mam ansr🤷🏼‍♀️
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    actually mam I can't understand the is prposhional to r is given...but I can't understand the solution.. please help
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  • Sneha pathak
    can you please help me a little to understand this
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