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December 16, 2019 11:27 ampts 15 pts
I did not understand how to get the Vcc equation provided in the solution. Maybe KVL is applied wrong?
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  • Paltu Sen thankyou
    since the options are not very different, they should mention the value of Vbe
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  • Paltu Sen thankyou
    but if choose Vbe=0.6 V then answer is B) 107.08k
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  • Paltu Sen
    but c should be the answer
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  • Paltu Sen Best Answer
    ok। am sending the exact answer. you are right
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  • Paltu Sen
    ans:-D.115.2kohm.. The answer is not exact due to the approximations used in the theory....
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    Sir, the answer you got here is 116, so the option should be D. But in the book they got answer as 107 which is option B. which is the correct one?
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