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  • Mohit kumar chaubey
    sum of roots =0 in equation ie a+b+c=0,r1》r1+r2+r3=a+b+c=0 ie r1=0 determinant is 0
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  • Navdeep goyal 1 thankyou
    determinate =0 D check attachment
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    Navdeep goyal 1
  • Ishu 1
    a, b, c are root of Eq and sum of root equal to zero
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  • Ishu 1 Best Answer
    since a, b, c are root. of Given equal therefore a+b+c=0. using row operation R1 replace to r1+r2+r3 we get first row whose all elements in a+b+c form so given set is zero
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    Vijay Singh chauhan
    how is the first row of the determinant (last equation) equal to 0?
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