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W to 4. Two long conductors are arranged as shown belo form overlapping cylinders, each of raidus r, whose ity centers are separated byy a distance d. Current of densit. Jflows into the plane of the page along the shaded pat of one conductor and an equal current flows out of the plane of the page along the shaded portion of the other as shown. What is the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field at point 4? d Conductor X Vacuum (a) (,/27t) tadI, in the +y-direction (b) (L/27t)dIr, in the +y-directionto (c) (4,/27T)4d"JIr, in the -y-direction d) (u/2t)Jr ld, in the-y-direction (d) (e) There is no magnetic field at A.
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