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August 22, 2021 • 21:17 pm 2 points
  • Geology (GG)

What are the best books for the preparation of iit jam geology?

what are the best books for the preparation of iit JAM geology?

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  • Mayank Mishra Best Answer

    There are a vast number of books for each subdiscipline of geology. I will mention here, the exact, apt and more than sufficient kind of books for getting a high rank at IIT Jam. Physical Geology : Savindra Singh, GB Mahapatra for Physical Geology (Not General one) Geomorphology : Savindra Singh, Summerfield Structural Geology : Haakon Fossen, SK Ghosh, TK Biswal Sir youtube lectures Sedimentology : Garry Nicholls, Sam Boggs Igneous & Metamorphic : JD Winter, MK Bose Mineralogy & Crystallography : Dexter Perkins, Cornelis Klein or Tulane Notes (search on Google) Optical Mineralogy : William D Nesse Stratigraphy : Ravindra Kumar, KS Valdiya Palaeontology : Amal Das Gupta, PC Jain Engineering Geology : Chenna Kesavallu, Parbin Singh Hydrology : Todd & Mays, CW Fetter Economic Geology : KM Bangar Please keep your resources limited to one textbook per subject, refer to the other textbook only when confusion arises while going through any concept. Thank you and Regards. All the Best.


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