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  • Vaishnavi rajora Best Answer
    all three statistics like MB , BE FD
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    Vaishnavi rajora velocity, speed distribution. and micro and macro states and ensambkes
  • Ruby negi thankyou
    topics under statistical mechanics are maexwell Boltzmann's, Fermi dirac, Bose Einstein...
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    Ruby negi
    these topics are important...
  • Aishwarya pandey
    Statistical mechanics is basically thermodynamic at microscopic level. Like for macroscopic purposes we apply thermodynamics to calculate velocity, energy and other thermodynamic s...
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    Aditi agrawal
    are you an iitjam qualifier..??
  • Vaishnavi rajora
    except this there are some more topics like spin
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    Vaishnavi rajora
    1st and 2nd order phase transitions
  • Ravi prakash yadav
    in statistical mechanics at JAM level,we deal with Maxwell Boltzman Distribution,Fermi Dirac distribution and Bose-Einstein distribution mainly. One should know how to calculate pa...
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