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What is bit time in clock pulse. ?and please give a short nite on a latch and bi stable latch?

what is bit time in clock pulse. ?and please give a short nite on a latch and bi stable latch?

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  • Bimasha Rahaman

    sir if you give more clarification on bit time it will be help ful


    In simple words, we can say that bit time is the duration of one pulse (one bit). Means when one pulse is completed , we can say that is one bit ........ and when one pulse is completed in time(seconds) then it is Bit time.


    thank you sir

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    Anshum Sharma best-answer

    Bit time is a computer networking term that measures how long one pulse or bit takes to travel from a transmitter to a receiver to produce a specific network data rate. Latches are basic storage elements that operate with signal levels (rather than signal transitions). Latches controlled by a clock transition are flip-flops. Latches are level-sensitive devices. A latch is an electronic logic circuit that has two inputs and one output. One of the inputs is called the SET input; the other is called the RESET input. Latch circuits can be either active-high or active-low. The difference is determined by whether the operation of the latch circuit is triggered by HIGH or LOW signals on the inputs. A latch is an example of a bistable multivibrator, that is, a device with exactly two stable states. These states are high-output and low-output. A latch has a feedback path, so information can be retained by the device. Therefore latches can be memory devices, and can store one bit of data for as long as the device is powered. As the name suggests, latches are used to "latch onto" information and hold in place. Latches are very similar to  flip flops, but are not synchronous devices, and do not operate on clock edges as flip-flops do.


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