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What is bragg slater radii van der waals rao rragg slater radii : bra88 and slater proposed set of internally consisten

Van der Waals rao Rragg Slater Radii : Bra88 and Slater proposed set of internally consistenta atomic radi." ,These added, irrespective of the bond type involved in the interaction between two atoms t egood correlations with observed internuclear distances. In general terms, the Bragg Slater radi epresent the radii of inner cores of electrons, which in turn determine how closely two atomic specdies approach each other. The Bragg's Slater radii of elements of second period are given ahead molecules are those in which the shared electron pairs are equally attracted by the bonded al

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    Van der waals radius is greater than covalent radius because van der waals radius is the radius between two different molecules whereas covalent radius is the radius between two different atoms.

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    vanderwall radius :- The Van der Waals radius is equal to one half the distance between two unbonded atoms when the electrostatic forces between them are balanced. In other words, it is half of the closest distance between two atoms that aren't bonded or within the same molecule.

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