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What is nick points 2. in peneplain, does drainage dependent on underlying rocks?.

Peneplains are characterized by one or more of the following fe ature: (A Thick mantle of deeply weathereswaste (B Truncation of rocks of varing resistance (C) Drainage independent of the structure of underlying rocks (D) Topographic unconformities or nick points. DCA ABD

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    Rahul kumar best-answer

    Yes, for peneplation extreme weathering and erosion required. High weathering will minimize the surface undulations and will lead to the evolution of peneplain.

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    Rahul kumar Best Answer

    Answer: All options are correct except C. Drainage systems depend on the structure of underlying rocks. depending on the structure of underlying rocks, different drainage system (trellis, dendritic, radial etc.) can be formed. A nickpoint is part of a river or channel where there is a sharp change in channel slope, such as a waterfall or lake. 


    also explain 1st option sir...


    as there should not be any material & features left on peneplain land


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