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March 9, 2022 12:11 pmpts 65 pts
what is spontaneous process. please explain in detail it's very helpful for me thank you advanced
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  • Madhusmita Das
    A spontaneous process is one that occurs on its own, without any energy input from the outside. example, a ball will roll down an incline; water will flow downhill; ice will melt ...
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  • Nisarga N
    Spontaneous process are those which takes place on its own without the aid of of an external energy. Eg – 1.The diffusion of the solute from a concentrated solution to a dilute so...
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  • Paramjeet verma thankyou
    A spontaneous process is capable of proceeding in a given direction without needing to be driven by an outside source of energy. Spontaneity does not imply that the reaction proc...
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